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Why take up excess space in your garage or front yard and paying a fortune in marinas? Linksfield Self Storage has a safely park in affordable rates for your boat or jetski and we are close to home.

Is your Caravan taking up space in your driveway or even on your front lawn? We have a securely parking place for it until your next holiday or adventure arrives.

Are you planning a renovation where you can no longer use your garage? Are you relocating to another home or are you travelling for an extended period of time? Linksfield parking and vehicle storage is your answer. The security, flexible and affordable solution for your vehicle.

Are you a company with a fleet of vehicles, whether they be cars, bakkies or trucks, why take up valuable space on site when you can store them safely and securely with us at Linksfield Self Storage.

Parking and Vehicle Storage 

Are you a small business or large company and looking to expand?
Linksfield Self Storage has space for all your expansion needs.

Does your business have products you need to store off site?
Let us take care of your storage needs.

Are you tired of paying expensive office or warehousing costs and being tied into long-term leases?
At Linksfield Self Storage, we have the best solution for you. 

Are you a company who would like to use our facilities on a long-term basis?
We can negotiate a great rate for you.

Is your office becoming cluttered with paperwork or stock?
Whatever it is that is holding you back from growing your business and becoming more productive, Linksfield Self Storage is here to help you.

Are you a small business or large company and looking for a safe, convenient and flexible business self storage?
At Linskfield Slef Storage, the security and the safety, are the most important aspect of our business and we aim to make your experience simple and stress-free.


Do you like to travel a lot and concerned about leaving your belongings behind?
Now you can go places without worrying about what is left behind.

Are you looking for peace of mind?
Linksfield Self Storage will keep your precious belongings safe.

Are you looking for a new home or in between homes and need a place for storing your sentimental items?
We have different sized units to service those needs.

Do you have a growing family and running out of space in your garage?
Get a unit from us on call for a good rate on a continual run.

Are you just wanting to improve your lifestyle by getting a little more space in your life?
We have security units and we aim to make your experience simple and stress-free.


your easy self-storage solution
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“"Honestly, storing my belongings at Linksfield Self Storage, was the best decision I've done. Highly recommended them"  

At Linksfield Self Storage you will find that our prices are competitive and transparent. Reserving a unit online is free, without any obligation. Even better, various promotions apply throughout the year, so do check in from time to time. We offer tailor made packages for long term rentals that can be discussed on application.

Leave a comment if you would like to place an order or contact us to ensure your booking.

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Whether you're moving home, re-decorating or simply trying to maximise your current space, or if you are a start-up, an established SME or a large operation, we can help you to find the best options for you and we will assist you at every step of the way.

If you need safe, convenient and flexible self storage contact us here or press the button below and get an enquiry for your special needs!

Your safe, affordable and flexible Self Storage for your belongings from R25.00 per Day!

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